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  • Animal Bead Nylon Bracelet
    $8.00 Choose Options Animal Bead Nylon Bracelet
    These fun, accessory pieces will be great additions for your jewlery box. Choose an Orange or Purple nylon band with any one of the featured animal beads. There is a bear, leopard, lion head, tiger or howling wolf to...

  • Black Nylon Bracelet with TWAS Bead
    $8.00 Black Nylon Bracelet with TWAS Bead
    This black nylon bracelet featuring a rectangle metal bead has 3 of the 4 sides printed with: The Wild Animal Sanctuary, I Heart Animals and the Sanctuary website. This wonderful accessory piece would be great for anyone...

  • Bracelet - Angel Fire
    $24.00 Bracelet - Angel Fire
    The Angel Fire bracelet was named after a small town south of Colorado in New Mexico. The Angel Fire bracelet offers a classy look by combining the eggplant colored beads with the light amber shell beads. The color...

  • Bracelet - Durango
    $24.00 Bracelet - Durango
    The Durango is named after a little town in Colorado. The Durango is a bracelet that pairs jasper beads with darker green, creating a look of style that anyone could appreciate. Stretchable for one size fits all...

  • Bracelet - Eldora
    $24.00 Bracelet - Eldora
    The Eldora was named after this one of a kind town located just outside of Boulder. Combining the light colored pink and cherry colored beads with the blackstone beads The Eldora offers a stunning look of contrast and beauty...

  • Bracelet - Gunnison
    $24.00 Bracelet - Gunnison
    The Gunnison bracelet has much to offer and sure to get you noticed. Combining dyed turquoise jasper and a darker shade of purple colored beads together makes this piece a real eye-catcher. Three Scoops of Vanilla is a line...

  • Bracelet - Hesperus
    $24.00 Bracelet - Hesperus
    This bracelet is named after the Colorado town Hesperus. The Hesperus is a bracelet that pairs purple beads with black beads, creating a look of style that anyone could appreciate. Stretchable for one size fits all. Three...

  • Bracelet - Tabernash
    $24.00 Bracelet - Tabernash
    The Tabernash is named after a little mountain town that if you blink you are likely to miss it. The Tabernash is a bracelet that pairs three beautifully colored beads to create one unique piece. The dark amber and the green...

  • Bracelet - Telluride
    $24.00 Bracelet - Telluride
    Telluride truly is a one of a kind town in Colorado, rivaled by no one, as is this piece.The Telluride is a gorgeous bold bracelet, it combines dyed lapis jasper beads with tiger's eye beads and is sure to get you noticed...

  • Bracelet - Vail
    $24.00 Bracelet - Vail
    The Vail is named after the popular ski town located in Colorado's high country and known for it's amazing ski trails.The Vail is a complimentary piece by adding the bright colored green shell beads with the bold dyed lapis...

  • Bracelet - Westcliffe
    $24.00 Bracelet - Westcliffe
    The Westcliffe is named after the mountain town that is nestled in between the Sangre De Cristos and the Wet Mountains. The Westcliffe bracelet offers a true southwestern look by combining tiger's eye beads with dyed...

  • Photo Charm Bracelet
    $22.00 Photo Charm Bracelet
    A beautiful bejeweled charm bracelet made up of magenetic healing hematite beads and some of the best framed photos of our residents.