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The mission of The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) is to rescue and provide life-long homes for captive great cats, bears, wolves and other large carnivores, which have been abused, abandoned, exploited and illegally kept and to educate the public about causes and solutions to the dramatic plight of thousands of captive wildlife in the United States. Sanctuary Programs: Animal Care Program: Goal: - The goal of the Wild Animal Sanctuary's Animal Care Program is to provide care and feeding for 290 captive wild animals at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Objectives: - To provide food, care and shelter for abused abandoned confiscated and surplus wildlife. - To continue to expand the facilities at The Wild Animal Sanctuary to provide more natural habitat for the rescued animals. Education Program: Goal: - The goal of the Wild Animal Sanctuary's Education Program is to promote education about the past, current, and future situations of captive wildlife and solutions to the captive wildlife crisis. Objectives: - To provide education and educational tools in the form of, wildlife posters, flyers, DVD's and other materials given to educate the public about actions that they can take as individuals. - To provide interactive presentations given to grammar, middle and high Schools, universities, conservation fairs, and other organizations, used to educate people about the captive wildlife crisis, The Wild Animal Sanctuary and the wild animals. - To promote the visitor education center that houses educational information for visitors to learn more about the captive wildlife crisis and the captive wild animals at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. - To provide a web-site that serves to educate the public about The Wild Animal Sanctuary, wild animals and the captive wildlife crisis. Captive Wildlife Rescue Program: Goal: - The goal of the Captive Wildlife Rescue Program is to work with local, state, national, and international law enforcement agencies, as well as other wildlife organizations, and government regulators, and private individuals to help them with confiscated, abused and surplus wild animals. Objectives: - To provide expertise, equipment, and manpower to enact wild animal rescues - To provide critical short-term foster care (during pending court action) - To provide permanent guardianship (after legal custody is obtained) - To provide refuge for abandoned captive wild animals that come from individuals, zoos and closed wild animal facilities from all across the country.


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